Eadad International Academy has a transparent admissions policy to ensure all applicants are treated fairly. All students are required to complete our assessment procedure prior to being offered a place
Students from all nationalities

are welcome to apply. EIA gives priority to siblings of current students. Applicants who pass the test will be offered a place or will remain in the waiting list. When a place becomes available in the School, all candidates in the list are considered.

If a student fails an entrance assessment the School will not reassess until the next academic year.

Family Applications

If your application is for more than one child, each child will need to pass the assessment or interview for their application to be successful. Not all family members will be guaranteed places.

Information Provision

Parents/Guardians must ensure they have provided all the relevant information in their application, including details of behavioural, social or academic support needs.

If information is withheld and Eadad International Academy is unable to meet your child’s educational and/or social/behavioural needs, we reserve the right to withdraw the application/School place.


Over 30 Years Experience in the childcare and development sector

Age Groups

Students will only be admitted to the appropriate year group by age as detailed during the initial online enquiry form.
If your child is currently studying in a School in Qatar, please refer to the Ministry of Education’s rules for transferring students.

Medical Records

Eadad International Academy requires current and accurate information regarding your child’s medical requirements and that you update the School, should the circumstances change.
We require records of previous medical treatments, allergies and vaccination records on registration.

Previous School Reports

All students joining Year 2 and above and transferring from Schools outside of Qatar are required to provide a copy of the previous Year End full School report, together with any interim reports issued.

To comply with the Ministry of Education’s requirements, please ensure the report includes the official stamp of the School.

Students will only be accepted into the same year group, or progressive year group as appropriate and in conjunction with the Ministry of Education’s equivalency table.
Should there be a discrepancy between the year group offered and the year group that the Ministry of Education will accept the student into, the offer of a place will be withdrawn.

Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and education

Transferring from a School in Qatar

Students transferring from another School within Qatar are required to provide the existing School with confirmation of acceptance into Eadad International Academy, together with our Code.
Students will only be accepted into the same year group or progressive year group as appropriate and in conjunction with the Ministry of Education’s equivalency table.


Eadad International Academy believes that good student behaviour is fundamental in enabling the best learning experience possible and all students enrolled at the School should have a positive attitude to learning and respect for the School community.

Class Capacity

Class sizes will not exceed 20 students in early years or the rest of the School, unless in exceptional circumstances.


Eadad International Academy has a co-ed class from the Early Years Foundation Stage up to Year 3. Boys and Girls are separated in Years 4 to Year 6.


School Expectations

Academic Excellence

We believe that we have the leaders of tomorrow in our School.

In order to maximize the opportunity that the students have at EIA, it is necessary to give maximum efforts in all School endeavors.

Outstanding Behaviour

Students are expected to show respect to teachers, staff and other students at all times.



In order to create and maintain an English-speaking School, students must speak English on campus at all times, with the exception of Foreign Language and Religion classes.

About Us

Eadad International Academy was established on the foundation of providing students with a warm and nurturing learning environment and with the belief that ‘Every Child Matters’.

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